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Kala Philo
2 min readJan 18, 2022
Me gettin’ my Gugg on. NYC 2021

Hello and thanks for visiting. I’m Kala Philo. I’m a writer, author and entrepreneur. I curate two blogs on Medium.

The first publication is Impactoverse. 🤖 🤗. It’s the blog for the Web3 company I co-founded with London-based impact investor and master connector Noleen Mariappen. If you are interested in how smart humans are using NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain to help heal the planet and its people, you can see more at Impactoverse.com.

I’ll share a bit about them here so you can see what interests you the most.


What are emerging technologies? How can they help (more) humans?🤷🏽 How to market Web3 to the mainstream? How to get and keep non-techie customers? 🤗 And while we’re at it — how do we expand Web3 opportunities for the billions of marginalized folks, not just the billionaires.

The blog emphasis is the intersection of Web3, social equity, impact investing, and empathy in marketing (communications) in the space. To get started, I cover some basics of blockchain, NFTs, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

Don’t know what all those are? You are not alone, most people don’t. Join us! Yet. I’m still learning too! My goal is to translate the “revenge of the nerds” vocab and explain stuff in plain English with examples.

I also write great content for tech companies, you can learn more here. #workwithme!

OK moving on, literally. Bags packed?

The second one is The Way of the Tigress — Inner Transformation through Travel. ✨ 🐯 (I also wrote the book on it. For reals!)

Are you overwhelmed with the changes happening in your life? Are you going through a quarter, mid, or even 3/4 life crisis?

Wait! Don’t buy that sports car you can’t afford, have that affair, or submit to credit rating death by retail therapy — at least not before you read my book.

It turns out TRAVEL is the most underrated tool we have for successfully managing life transitions. I know this from deep experience. I drastically downsized to a minimalist lifestyle at age 50 to travel and work remotely — five years before COVID-19 put the world in a massive time out.

The Way of the Tigress: Inner Journey / Outer Adventure book is rooted in brain science and a time-honored human tendency to wander. It teaches a unique framework on how to take a trip and find a more powerful you.

Tech or Travel? Dive in and let me know how it goes. If you like what you see, please tell all your cool, nice friends 😎 , follow me here on medium and join me here. Thanks!



Kala Philo

Hi! I’m a tech marketing writer, strategist and co-founder. I also write about personal growth via immersive travel. More info at kalaphilo.com