Fashion, Greenwashing and GenZ — How to Avoid the Backlash

Greenwashing is a thing, and the kids are not having it.

Kala Philo
1 min readDec 8, 2022

GenZ is more skeptical than other generations of fashion companies’ sustainability claims.

McKinsey & Company just released their 2023 State of Fashion report , and while the report is about fashion, other research shows us that the consumer trust void is industry agnostic. ( Check this out for more about a trust marketing action plan).

The answer to greenwashing is telling the story of your supply chain — backed up by transparency on the blockchain.

Topl’s president Tim Marx points out that not only does blockchain provide functional transparency, but it also provides an opportunity “to unleash the power of blockchain storytelling for brands”.

Translation: you can craft guided tours of verified, traceable journeys of your product and the people and places that make it possible.

As an impact marketer and writer I’m like, hell YES! sign me up.

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