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Checking Under the Hood of Web3 Hype

As with Internet Adoption, the Mainstream is the Engine

Kala Philo
2 min readFeb 14, 2023


We all have limited time, and it's tempting to let headlines do our thinking for us.

I know I sometimes do. (whatup with Rihanna and the SuperBowl show?)

For bidness, the best tool for toning down the hype and reassuring your left brain is data. The fastest way to get there is visuals.

I am not emotionally attached to bitcoin's success, so bear with me. My goal is to increase the engagement of smart, caring people in web3.

When I see a post dismissive of web3 and cryptocurrency, I think about the beginning of the internet, when businesses debated, “Do we really need a website?” Yes, that was a real question in the late 1990s.

The traditional financial community dithered around while others launched PayPal and Venmo.

So is web3 and cryptocurrency a passing fad or an idea whose time is coming on strong?

This adoption curve from the Financial Brand, using data from Deutsche Bank,, and, shows data indicating that crypto adoption (via wallet count) is following a similar trend line as the internet’s growth — where adoption continued to grow below the doubt and frothy headlines from the media.


Anyone who has opened a crypto wallet knows the process is a royal PITA. User experience, in general, is a major obstacle in the demand pipeline for web3. Yet adoption is still growing.

One takeaway — there is a significant opportunity for web3 products and services that roll out the welcome mat to the mainstream with user-friendly experiences, products, and services.

At Impactoverse, our platform and setup don’t look anything like the “typical” web3 website or NFT marketplace.

We knew user experience was our North Star from day 1. Our site is a healthy mix of major flex and beta imperfection, and we will continue to iterate and improve.

Feel free to contact CEO Noleen Mariappen or me with any questions.

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